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Are you aware of how good your posture is? How are you seated as you are reading this? Some of you will be slouching, some will be sunk into the chair and some will be upright.

By not doing anything to counteract bad habits, posture worsens over time. We’ve spoken a lot about how to improve posture and why it is important, but what are the advantages of having good posture?

What is a good posture?

Many people believe that a good posture should be a straight line from the bottom to the top of the spine. In truth, for a good posture the two natural curves at your back should be identifiable: the curve from base of your head to your shoulders and the curve from your upper back to the base of your spine. Good posture varies when seated, standing and lying down.

Benefits of good posture:


Good posture enables you to breathe properly, muscles are relaxed and the respiratory system improves. With the right posture, lungs are able to hold more air which can also make a significant difference to overall health.


The correct posture is most associated with helping prevent and solve back and neck pain. Problems with muscles, discs and joints all aggravate back pain, which leads back to posture. Many people who suffer back pain experience positive changes when they improve their posture. It’s not just back pain though: poor posture can result in several health complications over time.


It’s no secret that having good posture is an attractive trait. Improving posture can help to make a good first impression and enable people to appear more confident.


The brain requires around 20 per cent of the body’s oxygen to do its job. Better breathing means more oxygen and brain power. Studies have shown evidence of good posture improving both concentration and mental performance.

At Positura, we offer postural health assessments that can be carried out in conjunction with one of our ergonomic assessments, whether it’s an individual or a company assessment.

Our postural health assessments are suitable for those interested in how their posture may be impacting on their musculoskeletal health and well-being, as well as their productivity at work. In order to assess posture and the impact it may be having, we offer a detailed postural health assessment using photographic analysis.

For more information, or to book an assessment for yourself or your company, call us today on 07794 311201 or email info@positura.uk.