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posture fidgeting

The wishful thinking amongst us will have heard that fidgeting helps you to burn calories – and yes, it really does.  Just like any movement, fidgeting helps to keep your metabolism at a higher rate than if you were simply resting.    It’s certainly not enough to constitute actual exercise, but getting out of your chair and moving around, or doing something as simple as crossing and uncrossing your legs helps to keep you burning calories.

However, there are also other less well known benefits of fidgeting which will help you to keep healthier in both mind and body.

Healthy blood flow

If you have ever given blood, you’ll most likely have been told to keep opening and closing your fist to keep the flow of blood coming out of your arm.  Fidgeting has the same effect when keeping your blood coursing through your veins.

Why is a healthy blood flow important?

Healthy blood flow is all about having good circulation of oxygen to your vital organs, not least of which is your brain.  There are lots of factors which can cause poor circulation, such as smoking or leading an extremely inactive lifestyle.  When ignored, poor circulation can lead to some relatively serious health problems, including blood clots, strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Keeping your brain busy

Fidgeting can be something people do to relieve stress or tension, which in turn can help your brain to focus.  When you get tired or bored, your brain will take the hint and you’re less likely to be able to concentrate or to take in and remember information.  However, if you fidget, tension can be relieved and your brain will be able to focus more easily.

Do you think you fidget?

Do you work or spend most of your time in an environment that enables you to fidget, for the right reasons?  Fidgeting because you are uncomfortable isn’t a good thing – especially if you’re uncomfortable for long periods of time, such as whilst seated at work.  However, it is important that you are able to able to move your arms and legs freely to fidget, whenever you’re standing or sitting still.

If you don’t currently think that you fidget, take a look at the list of common ways to fidget below and see if you recognise yourself doing any of these:

  • Tapping your pen
  • Tapping your foot
  • Playing with your hair
  • Bouncing one or both knees
  • Drumming your fingers
  • Crossing and uncrossing your legs
  • Playing with something like a ball of blu-tack
  • Wringing your hands

Advice about discomfort at work

At Positura, we apply decades of experience in chiropractic alongside ergonomic and work-station assessments to ensure that workplaces are as healthy and pain free as possible. We work with employers and individuals to prevent work-related injuries and to help treat the symptoms of any that have already arisen.

If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain whilst at work, it could be due to poor posture or a potential musculoskeletal injury.  For expert assistance, give us a call and we will carry out an individual assessment for you at your work place.  Call Tracy on: 07794 311201 or email info@positura.uk to arrange an appointment.