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The Driving Force Behind Positura

Tracy Dixon-Maynard

Tracy Dixon-Maynard is founding owner of Leicestershire’s ergonomic and health assessment company Positura. She also runs her highly successful chiropractic business and craniosacral therapy business, Talako Therapies.

Tracy qualified with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic in 1998, after benefitting from chiropractic treatment herself from the young age of 7. After several years working in clinics in North Devon and Northampton, Tracy relocated to Market Harborough and set up her chiropractic clinic, then called Archway Chiropractic, in 2012. During her clinical practice, she became acutely aware of the number of people suffering workrelated musculoskeletal disorders and after regularly being asked to carry out ergonomic and workstation assessments for her patients, she decided to expand this service further by developing Positura and undergoing training to become a DSE assessor.
Tracy says:

“I chose the name Positura as it is Latin for Posture. One definition of posture is “the way in which our body is positioned when we are sitting or standing”. We all have posture, good or bad, but my aim with Positura is to help people achieve better posture at work and help reduce the aches and pains that plague so many people in their working environment”.

All members of the Positura team are very aware of the impact that work-related musculoskeletal
disorders can have on a company, with the financial burden of lost productivity and paying for

“At Positura, when carrying out ergonomic or workstation assessments, we have the added benefit of our diagnostic skills and extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, through years of on-going clinic experience in chiropractic. This ensures we can offer a more in-depth service to companies or individuals to improve health within the workplace”.

Whether an assessment is for an individual or whole company, whether it is only to comply with
legislation, to prevent the onset of musculoskeletal pain, or to help a member of staff who is
already suffering, Positura guarantees a highly knowledgeable, professional, friendly and
uncomplicated service to all.

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