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Individual Ergonomic Assessments

Available Assessment Options

Positura offers a number of different levels of workstation assessments. If required, we can recommend which option is best suited, whether for an individual or entire company, in order to meet the needs of your staff and comply with regulations.

We can also offer any of our workstation assessments in combination with our detailed health assessments. Choose the appropriate level of workstation assessment and combine with:

Level 1: DSE Risk Assessment

All DSE users are required to have their workstations assessed in order to comply with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. This assessment evaluates:

  • Display screens
  • Furniture such as the office chair and desk
  • Equipment such as the keyboard and mouse
  • Environment such as lighting and noise levels
  • Individual tasks such as appropriate training in using software

Following the assessment, a completed DSE assessment form, highlighting any areas of concern along with recommendations, will be provided.

To enquire about booking a DSE Risk Assessment click here.

Level 2: Workstation Evaluation

This assessment is suitable for all employees requiring an in-depth ergonomic assessment, particularly those who already have musculoskeletal discomfort, or those wishing to avoid the onset of MSK discomfort. This comprehensive assessment includes:

  • DSE risk assessment
  • In-depth evaluation of the workstation in respect to any pain and discomfort
  • Equipment and workstation set-up recommendations to help prevent or reduce work-related
  • Suppliers and quotes for recommended equipment or products

To enquire about booking a Workstation Evaluation click here.

Level 3: Full Workstation Evaluation and Set-Up

This assessment is recommended for those with musculoskeletal complaints who require an in-depth workstation evaluation, along with correct set-up of recommended modifications or equipment. This assessment includes:

  • DSE Risk Assessment (if not previously carried out)
  • In-depth assessment of the workstation with particular evaluation of potential causes of discomfort
  • Equipment recommendations and suppliers
  • Reasonable modifications and adjustments to workstation set-up

If equipment is recommended, it may be possible for a member of the Positura team to return to your workstation at a later date to ensure correct set-up. This can only be arranged once recommended items have been delivered and, where applicable, assembled prior to the return visit. This is useful for ensuring a new office chair that may have been recommended is set up correctly for the user, for example.

To enquire about booking a Full Workstation Evaluation and Set-Up click here.

Combined Ergonomic + Musculoskeletal Health Assessment

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches, tennis elbow, and RSI’s can make working effectively a challenge for many employees.  To help diagnose and identify these causes of pain and discomfort, we offer a detailed musculoskeletal health assessment in conjunction with one of our workstation assessments. For more information, go to Musculoskeletal Health Assessments, or to enquire about booking an assessment click here.

Combined Ergonomic + Postural Health Assessment

Many office-based workers experience symptoms of poor posture, such as neck pain, headaches and low back pain that can directly affect their productivity at work. In order to assess posture and the impact it may be having, we offer a detailed postural health assessment, using photographic analysis, in conjunction with one of our workstation assessments. For more information, go to Postural Health Assessments or to enquire about booking an assessment click here.

Combined Ergonomic + Musculoskeletal + Postural Health Assessments

For those who have on-going musculoskeletal discomfort, it may be of greatest benefit to combine both of our health assessments with the workstation assessment, with the added benefit of 20% off the cost of the second health assessment. In addition, these two health assessments combined give the greatest level of information with respect to potential causes of pain and discomfort. As members of the Positura team are fully qualified and experienced chiropractors, we are able to diagnose musculoskeletal complaints and can offer advice over and above that given during a workstation assessment alone. For more information, go to Health Assessments or to enquire about booking an assessment click here.

Whole Company Workstation / Health Assessments

For companies looking to ensure well-being across the entire staff, you may wish to speak to us about visiting your premises at our very competitive half or full day rates.

Positura is ideally placed to form part of your healthy workplace programme, utilising extensive knowledge from decades of clinical experience in chiropractic, alongside detailed knowledge of ergonomics and DSE assessment, to create a healthier workplace for your staff.

Implementing a healthy workplace programme will not only result in staff who are happier and healthier, but also leads to financial benefits for the company; statistics show that a company with a healthy workplace programme will see productivity rise by up to 20%, along with a reduction in absence due to work-related illness.

During our time with your company, we can carry out the appropriate level of workstation assessment for your company’s needs, along with either (or both) of our health assessments, for any given number of staff. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will put together a bespoke package` depending on your requirements.

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