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We found the assessments to be extremely helpful and worthwhile. They helped open our eyes to a number of problems that our staff were having that we were not aware of before, and the recommendations presented have given us the opportunity to solve these problems. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any company looking to have workstation assessments, we certainly learnt a lot. In fact, with seven new members of staff starting in the coming months, we have asked Positura to return to make sure that they start with the best possible workstation set-up to avoid the development of any problems in the future.

Rebecca Roff, office manager at iSAMS

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I was really pleased at how little disruption was caused and how practical and simple it was to implement the findings. We received useful advice which the staff have shared and introduced. I recommend any company interested in the welfare of their staff to use this service.

Alastair Campbell,  Ideal Marketing Company

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I was introduced to Tracy as I was looking to provide some “Wellbeing” services to our staff as a reward for a good year. Tracy provided two services to our company:- an ergonomic assessment of our desk and IT set-ups, and spinal assessments. These identified many postural weaknesses and aches and pains, and the ergonomic assessments were able to pinpoint reasons for these. We ended up making lots of changes to our workstation set-up, tailored for each individual, and these have proved very positive as all staff have reported improvements as a result. Tracy was great to work with, very committed and nothing was too much trouble. She was clearly expert in her field but did not over-complicate things. I was really pleased with the overall result and would recommend it to any company – I believe it is very important to look after staff, and there is a benefit to me in reduced time off work, as well as staff feeling that the owners of the business actually care about them. Come to think of it, I can’t recall any days off work with bad backs or such like, since then!

Mr C. Elsby, Elsby & Co.


I had incredibly bad posture and found that I would sit hunched over my desk which was causing really bad back ache. Tracy raised my computer monitors from my desk so that they were level with my eye line and I can honestly say this has made an incredible difference. I no longer get headaches as I can now see the screen correctly and no more hunched back! I would 100% recommend Tracy to everyone.

Ms. S. Hemley, Senior Administrator & PA


Thank you very much for your help, the car changes seem to be working! My back is feeling much looser and suddenly I have more energy!

Mr.C.Elsby, following a vehicle/driving position assessment


I asked Tracy to provide me with a [home] workstation assessment and a musculoskeletal assessment to ascertain why I have a variety of discomfort and pains at the moment. Her in-depth assessment was astounding, which went into far more detail than I was expecting, I even have problems that I was unaware of yet. Her help in advising the corrective action both in workstation set-up and required chiropractic treatment will be very beneficial to me – I look forward to sitting at my desk pain free! I would highly recommend Tracy for her thoroughness, knowledge, explanation, attention to detail and professionalism.

Kerry Samuel, Kerry Samuel Business Services


It was a real pleasure to meet Tracy who I found very approachable. I learnt so much about body posture and how aids and adaptations suggested could benefit me in the workplace. I will take Tracy’s advice on board as I am keen to improve both the quality and quantity of my work. Thank you to Tracy for being so helpful and for completing the report so quickly. I really appreciate all the support that I was given.

Miss N.N., Nottingham.