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Research by Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Awards found that a business which invests in staff health generates increased outputs. Although it has been found that an ergonomic workstation improves productivity too, many companies refrain from implementing changes to the office to increase staff wellbeing.

Workplace workstation assessmentThose neglecting wellbeing were responsible for a £57bn economic deficit last year – mainly attributed to the costs arising from absences.


One of the simplest measures to increase wellbeing is to introduce furniture that supports posture and prevents injury. After all, office workers spend most of their time at work sat at the workstation. Ensuring that their seating is supportive and comfortable is paramount.

Whilst it can seem an expensive venture, training staff on how to adjust their seating is a quick and effective measure. Depending on the instruction after a workplace assessment, recommendations can be made such as adding a booster seat or cushion to the chair.

Office layout

Working uninterrupted for long periods of time can negatively impact productivity. A breakout area can transfer staff from their workstation and give them a chance to relax. This area could be used for anything from eating lunch to a brainstorming meeting – so long as it gets employees away from the computer screen.

Additions such as standing desks, casual sofas and quiet spaces for short bursts of focused work are becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace.

Break from the desk

Bupa claimed that nearly half of full-time staff believe they cannot pause for a few minutes because they have too much work.

Not enough employers explain the benefits of short breaks through the day. However, stepping away from the desk for as little as five minutes regularly can boost energy, mind-set and, as said before, productivity. This recommendation can be entwined with the introduction of a casual seating area as mentioned above.

Workplace workstation assessment

If you are a company looking to ensure well-being for your team members, Positura provide a personalised healthy workplace programme which includes chiropractic experience, detailed knowledge of ergonomics and a DSE assessment.

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