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Musculoskeletal health is a concern for all. This can cover lower back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow and many more.  However, lower back pain is often a reoccurring problem for many people.

Despite this, whether they already suffer with back pain or not, few people give sufficient thought to how they can properly protect their lower backs. This can lead to discomfort and serious problems developing over time.

Here are some generic changes to reduce lower back pain:

Take a break from your chair

Take short 5-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes of continuous screen or keyboard work. Staying in the same position (sat at your desk) for long periods of time can diminish your lower back muscles and ligaments. Ultimately, being sat for long periods of time places extra stress on the lower back. So it is recommended to get up, stretch and have a little walk at frequent intervals through the day.

Strengthen core

Abs and back muscles play a large role in supporting the lower spine. These muscles need to be specifically targeted with exercise. There are many routines out there and adding a 30-minute core-strengthening exercise to you daily routine will make a big difference.

Release endorphins

A release of endorphins blocks out pain signals being registered to the brain. It is also extremely relaxing and can alleviate stress and anxiety which are associated with back pain. Some activities to release endorphins include meditation, acupuncture and aerobic exercises.

Our musculoskeletal (MSK) health assessments are suitable for all employees with an interest in their musculoskeletal health and wellbeing, whether work-related or otherwise. This assessment can diagnose the problem and potentially marry that up with personalised changes that need to be made to improve MSK health.

You can enquire about booking a MSK health assessment here.