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Our musculoskeletal health assessment is suitable for all employees with an interest in their musculoskeletal health and well-being, particularly those who may be suffering from a musculoskeletal (MSK) complaint, whether work-related or otherwise. The assessment is carried out in conjunction with one of our ergonomic assessments. Prior to carrying out the MSK Health Assessment, you will need to ensure the following:

  • you have selected the appropriate ergonomic assessment to accompany the MSK health assessment.
  • you have completed both the Health Questionnaire and Consent forms, including consent for examination (fully-clothed). Download here
  • you can provide a private space on your premises in which to carry out the assessment, using a portable treatment couch.

The assessment itself consists of a Chiropractic examination, carried out by one of Positura’s highly experienced chiropractors; this will identify any areas of dysfunction, particularly in the spine. Any specific complaints that the individual may have will be discussed, and if possible, recommendations given.

As this is carried out alongside a workstation assessment, it is hugely beneficial as it can highlight stresses and strains in the body that may be starting to develop due to poor working posture, but that may not yet have developed painful symptoms. In this way, potential problems can be highlighted and with the correct recommendations and changes in workstation set-up, they can be avoided. The old cliché is just as true in the workplace – prevention is better than cure! Read a testimonial from a company whose entire staff benefited from this assessment here.

For those who are already suffering with a work-related musculoskeletal complaint (or non-work-related), this assessment can diagnose the problem and potentially marry that up with alterations that need to be made to the workstation to improve MSK health. Enquire about booking a MSK Health Assessment here.

Lady with neck pain
Musculoskeletal Health Assessment
Man sat at desk with back pain