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Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are a big issue for employers; approximately one in 50 UK workers have an RSI condition. This results in sufferers taking an average of 19 days off work per year. With many law firms now specialising in the area, thousands of staff are now taking their employers to court for financial compensation from the injury.

Businessman Suffering From Repetitive Strain Injury (rsi)It is therefore important for employers to take actions to prevent the injury occurring. Here are some simple tips for preventing repetitive strain injuries in the office:

Correctly position equipment

A chair, mouse and keyboard all placed correctly prevents over-leaning or continual overreach, thus reducing the dangers of RSI. Place all items that you use regularly within reach and nearby to limit the number of unnatural body positions you take up.

Check typing position

Wrists should be at a downward angle when typing, some keyboards can be raised at the back. This encourages the wrists upward and promotes RSI. Hands should float above the keyboard and mouse.

Take a break

Take a short 5-10 minute break after an hour of continuous screen or keyboard work. In addition to preventing injuries, research shows that taking these short stretch breaks increases work productivity.

Stretching hands and wrists, standing and walking meetings, and exercising out of work also go a long way in preventing RSIs.

Ergonomic workstation

Setting up an ergonomic workstation is perhaps the biggest improvement that can be made. Making adjustments to your monitor, seating position and chair reduces strains, slouching and improves posture.

Most companies don’t realise it, but whether you employ just one member of staff or several thousand, it is a legal requirement to have staff work stations assessed and for these records to be kept up to date.

If you are a company looking to ensure well-being for your team members, Positura provide a personalised healthy workplace programme which includes chiropractic experience, detailed knowledge of ergonomics and a DSE assessment.

Risk assessments can be carried out to identify areas and activities that may potentially lead to RSI.

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